Justus Bruns (1987, Wilrijk, Belgium) is designer and artist currently based in Amsterdam. Bruns studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands.

He founded multiple organizations: the Times Square Art Square Foundation (aiming to replace all ads in Times Square with Art for one month each year), Bruns & Niks (a digital design studio based in Brussels and Amsterdam, clients include the Dutch Government, Google Netherlands, ProRail, NRC Handelsblad and many more), Librio (a book sharing web app) and the art collective Les Oiseaux de Merde, that is – according to Bruns – an art collective without compromises.

Bruns is also part of the prestigious Global Shapers Community, a community at the World Economic Forum which is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievement and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. Under the flag of the Global Shapers Community he initiated, a database for peer-2-peer start-ups, where he aims to push the world faster to a sharing economy.

With a background in industrial design, arts, technology and the many organisations he is involved in, Justus has a clear idea of how the world is changing under the influence of technology and what this means for businesses worldwide.

Bruns was invited to speak at the ‘Communicating the Museum Conference’, in the Metropolitan Museum in New York to talk about the future of public art. He also spoke at the largest European Student symposium the Veerstichting and gave a guest course on entrepreneurship at the graduate school of Amsterdam.

He was featured in the Huffington Post, El Mundo, Good, NOS, Folha de Sao Paolo, the Village Voice, PSFK and many more.